Embrace Your Skin's Natural Beauty

Experience a new level of skin rejuvenation with our tailored treatments and holistic approach
Holistic Facials
Your skin is unique. Our holistic facials are tailored to your skin's specific needs, promoting its natural health and glow
Herbalist Consultations
Let Jen guide you through the power of herbs as an herbalist, contributing to a balanced and healthier lifestyle
Skincare Education
Benefit from Jen's extensive knowledge and experience as an educator, understanding your skin better and learning how to take care of it holistically
Whole Body Treatments
Holistic beauty goes beyond facial skin. Our whole body IR treatments and IV vitamin drips aim to nourish your skin from within, offering a full body rejuvenation experience
Tailored Holistic Facials
Our holistic facials are more than just a skincare treatment. We consider your unique skin characteristics and overall health as part of the treatment. This leads to a custom facial experience that helps your skin's natural restorative capacities, resulting in a healthier, glowing look.

Our facials aren't just about the surface of your skin. They penetrate deeper, supercharging your skin cells with vital nutrients and promoting cellular regeneration. With each facial treatment, you'll see increased vitality and vibrancy in your skin.

Holistic facials will change your very outlook on skincare. You'll understand how important it is to preserve your skin's health, not just for looking good, but for overall wellbeing.
Herbal Hand Crafted Skincare 
As a trained herbalist, Jen integrates her intimate knowledge of herbs and their medicinal values into your skincare regimen. Jens custom facials incorporate her very own hand crafted organic skincare line made with herbs grown from her garden in Naples Fl. She helps you learn about the herbs that can contribute to your overall wellbeing and how to incorporate them into your daily skincare routines.

Herbalist consultations also focus greatly on digestion and detoxification, key aspects in achieving clear, healthy skin. By resorting to natural remedies, Jen helps you enhance your lifestyle and ultimately your skin.

Her herbalist approach relies on organic, natural ingredients, avoiding any harsh, synthetic material. This safeguards your skin's health while promoting its natural beauty from within.
Skincare Education
Jen's experience and knowledge as a skincare educator sets her apart in the holistic beauty industry. She empowers clients with knowledge, helping them gain a deeper comprehension of their skin and its needs.

Education in skincare involves understanding the ingredients in the products you use daily, knowing how your diet and lifestyle affect your skin, and how to properly take care of your skin type on a regular basis.

Not only does she share her extensive knowledge with her clients, but she mentors aspiring holistic beauty professionals, contributing to a new generation of experts who will continue to elevate the standards in the industry.

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About Jen
Jen Gallagher is a licensed holistic esthetician, skincare formulator, educator, and speaker. With decades of experience in all things holistic, Jen has made an impressive mark in the beauty service industry.

Often referred to by clients as the 'skin whisperer,' Jen uses her skills to emphasize the importance of inner health reflected in your skin. By focusing on holistic facials and whole body treatments, she helps each client to improve their skin condition, resulting in enhanced self-confidence and wellbeing.

Every service provided by Jen and her staff is always custom and tailored to your skin's specific needs, exhibiting her expert approach in holistic skincare.
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