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From Seed To Skin

It was a very busy summer cultivating a pure luxurious, toxic-free homeopathic skincare line for my clients. Made with love and herbs from my garden infused, packaged and labeled 100% by me, myself and I. The goal was to create something I knew was 100% fresh, pure, safe, effective and completely organic. Free from anything that is or could possibly be toxic!

There’s absolutely no question as to what’s in these products or as to how they we’re cultivated.

No expense was spared in the making of this line. Pure goodness packaged in recycled glass that won’t leach any toxins like plastic alternatives (yes even BPA free plastic is toxic). Made in small batches with herbs infusing for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure maximum potency then packaged immediately- From seed to your skin.

Only available to you in store at the time of your appointment in limited quantities. We know your skin and can make recommendations accordingly therefore no online orders and no shipping because we need to have an in-person conversation about what exactly your skincare needs are.

You come to us for personalized skincare and we will continue to deliver on that promise. Every product has been tested on myself and a few clients for months now, blown away is a huge understatement! This labor of love is luxurious, highly effective and I’m completely in love. Now it’s your turn to fall in love too!

Stay Beautiful and Healthy My Friends! -Jen

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