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Skin Regeneration

As we age, our skin cell regeneration slows down. In our 20's our skin sheds renewing itself about every 28 days. When we hit our 30's-40's cell regeneration slows down to every 30 to 40 days. This process reduces the number of new cells which are needed for a youthful appearance. Collagen and elastin already begin to decrease from the age of 25. UV rays, free radicals and toxic skincare products also damage the skin. This results in the tissue becoming weaker, the skin becoming less elastic giving us dull, wrinkled, uneven toned skin. Getting a monthly professional facial is crucial in speeding up your skin cell turnover rate. A holistic facial is best for feeding your skin the healthy nutrients it desperately craves. A holistic approach is non-aggressive and will give you better results in the long run. More traditional facial treatments can be too aggressive causing permanent thinning of the skin. Not to mention that strong toxic chemicals are commonly used in most professional skincare products that pose serious risks to your skin and overall health.

Schedule yourself for monthly facials and your skin will thank you😉

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